For the love of Sage
Established in loving memory of our son, Sage Edward Jackson Schermerhorn, who suffered from one of the largest and most aggressive cerebral AVMs (Arteriovenous Malformation) ever discovered in an infant. In the three months that Sage graced this earth, he displayed profound resilience and strength as he endured 5 intensive high-risk brain surgeries and innumerable complications due to his devastating condition. From the moment we received his diagnosis, Sage's fate was uncertain. Sage's team of heroic doctors, nurses, and other care-providers led by Dr. Darren Orbach - a visionary leader in the field of Interventional Neuroradiology - extended beyond the established boarders of modern medicine, in an attempt to pioneer a path towards saving his life. As his parents, with an all-encompassing conviction, we are dedicated to furthering medical research and treatment for other infants and children born with these complex and life-limiting disorders. We are committed to using our experience to illuminate and advocate for the advancement of bereavement care. To honor our beautiful Sage and all that he taught us - while rediscovering, redefining hope, and healing our own hearts. It is our mission to lead with compassion, to facilitate connections and strengthen support resources.
Please join us. 


Board Of Directors

Hannah Schermerhorn

Eric Schermerhorn

Gabriel Schermerhorn (Junior Board)