We have only just begun, please check back often as we continue to grow.

We welcome and embrace the opportunity, with gratitude, to share the story of our son Sage as well as our experiences both in the hospital and now through our grief and bereavement. We believe with unparalleled conviction that this is our truest and most impactful offering in directing attention and awareness towards the needs of families, doctors, and care-givers that are affected by complex medical conditions and loss. To date, we have spoken at multiple events and fundraisers to support the funding of AVM research, to increase resources and support for affected and grieving families, and to emphasize the value of palliative care specialists within the hospital and beyond.

We believe that bereavement care IS healthcare. 


We work with clinicians to advocate for progressive, nuanced, and individualized approaches in end of life and bereavement care.

Establishing and providing support packages for AVM patients and their families in the NICU. 

Fundraising for The Sage Schermerhorn Endowed Chair for Image-Guided Therapy and The Center for Cerebrovascular Surgery and Intervention at Boston Children's Hospital to help aid in both research and the implementation of new treatments. 

Eric currently volunteers as a member of the Music Rx program at Boston Children's Hospital, playing and teaching music with patients and their families.

Annual blanket and clothing drive for the children in the NICU at The Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center. 

Evolving awareness and support for bereaved families.